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Porting EventStore ClientAPI to Node.js / Port du client .Net de EventStore vers Node.js

During downtime between contracts, I started working a port of EventStore ClientAPI to Node.js. Main reason behind it was that existing clients didn’t provide complete functionality. So what better way to have full functionality than to port the original client itself. You can find the open source code at

Pendant les périodes mortes entre contrats, j’ai commencé à porter le client .Net de l’EventStore vers Node.js. La principale raison derrière ce project est que tous les clients existants n’ont pas toutes les fonctionnalités. Alors quelle meilleure façon pour avoir toutes les fonctionnalités que de porter le client original. Vous pouvez trouver le code open source à

Job change / Changement de job

I started working as a consultant for AdapTech Solutions in December 2015. If you’re looking for passionate technologists to help your organization excel, then contact me at nicolas <at>

Je commencé à travailler comme consultant chez AdapTech Solutions en décembre 2015. Si vous êtes à la recherche de technologistes passionnés pour aider votre organisation à exceller, alors contactez moi à nicolas <a commercial>

Les vacances de Noël approche et donc j’ai décidé de mettre un thème en conséquence sur mon blog. Sur ce rien de nouveau 😉

Holidays vacations are coming so I decided to update my blog theme. Not much else to say 😉 is now online is one of my latest project. It’s an url shortener service. The goal is to get rid of long urls. It’s a free service so feel free to use it.

It’s a work in progress, but it’s functionnal and I would appreciate any feedbacks or suggestions on it.

Until next time 😉

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building v8 with mingw32… not yet

Building v8 with mingw32 is not quite stable yet.

In the latest revision of the trunk, you need to tweak some piece of code in for it to compile.

Then, when you do get it to compile there is a nasty bug using a get accesor inside a anonymous method, wich doesn’t crashes on other platforms/compiler.

v8-users group discussions related to this bug.

In conclusion, to avoid losing your time like I did, you should use MSVC 😉